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Scentaments soy container candles are available in 3 sizes and no color added!

9oz Mason withBurlap $12.00

16oz Mason with Burlap $17.95

Scentaments pillar candles are available in the following sizes,

2"x6" $8.00

3"x3" $ 11.50

3"x6"$ 15.90

3"x 9"$18.90


4"x6" $23.50



6"x6" round w/3 wicks $39.90

The color of the candle  is listed next to the frangrance.Color is for pillar candles only.

Fragrance List

Unscented  (most colors )

Air Rejuvenator ( ordor elemenator) light blue

BlackBerry Sage  (purple)\

Blood Orange and Goji Berries

Cucumber Melon ( Sea Foam)

Cabernet ( burgundy)

Cool Water ( mens type)  (Black)

Creme Brulee   (Yellow)

Cinnamon Stix (red hot cinnamon) red

Eucalyptus & Spearmint (sage)

Fresh Linen     ( white)

French Vanilla  (white)

Gardenia ((white)

Juniper Breeze (dark green)

Jasmine-Vanilla (Cream)

Lavender (White or lavender)

Lavender & Vanilla  (Antique White)

Lemon Peel ( White)

Pink Grapefruit  (lite yellow)

Pomegranate   ( Purple)

Prayer               (White)

Rosemary & Lavender A day at The Spa ( Cream)

SandleWood  (Dark Brown)

Sweet Pea (pink or white)

Vanilla Orange ( terra cotta)

Vanilla & Cinnamon (Taupe )

White Tea ( white)tiny_mce_marker